Singing and Dancing a Recipe for Joy? Look into the Gene Pool…

We all know that when we are sad our shoulders and our heads are affected by the emotion thus making us look different. Our bodies do not tell lies – they reveal our emotions as clearly as anything. And we know that the opposite to be true too – when we are happy we like to laugh, jump, dance or sing. Given that – might the opposite also be true? Might it work to laugh to actually make us happier? Some say a strong YES! There are actually classes teaching this too. How about singing then? In Sweden we are known for a bit of melancholy but we are also known for music. Not only ABBA, but swedes are a nation of choirs. So we actually believe that singing is associated strongly with joy. We even have singing rituals at our dinner parties. So YES! Clear indication that if you sing you will increase your well-being. And it works to whistle too! And sad songs can make you happy too.

But can dancing really heighten you spirits? WE all know that Flamenco dancers express deep feelings through their dancing, but the other way around?There has been research done on elderly and disabled people introducing dance as a means for improvement and that has proven to be successful. And we have examples of dancing that many of us like to watch. A Michael Jackson moonwalk, a classical ballerina or something by Fred Astaire perhaps will send our hearts upwards? My favorite is however Gene Kelly. I find his dancing very uplifting. Remember his “Singing in the Rain” which I have mentioned before.
Gene proves that dancing IS joy and that you can dance alone, with someone you love or even with an imaginary friend. So when a bit low – take a dive into the Gene Pool!