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The Coach, The Media and a Whistling Future !

I can hear a distant whistle “toodeeloodeeloo,,,whuah whuah whuah” and see Clint Eastwood smile. Yes. the title is inspired by “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly!

Assuming that all bad coaches have been shot at dawn the Coach is of course the Good in this plot. An intriguing thought having Clint Eastwood as a coach, but he might make our day if we give him a fair shot. Let’s face it he knew how to ask questions as Dirty Harry “Do you feel lucky, punk?”, right?
Yes, I do believe coaches need to dare more and to be prepared to actually use more heavy artillery – not always in relation to clients but in relation to the Media and the Future. Coaches need to toughen up.

Media, here compared to the Bad, can be rather cruel to any profession, or any person for that matter, when given half a chance. When Media sniffs and manages to inhale a weakness it will behave like a flock of wolves or dogs closing in on their prey. No companies, no professionals and no politicians are safe. So coaches need to know how to handle Media pressure, know how Media thinks and try to avoid jumping into the most obvious pits dug by the Media for Coaches to fall in..Instead Coaches need to learn not only to handle the Media but also Social Media, Web Design and SEO. If Coaches won’t there might be trouble on the horizon! And never come running when the Media people whistles. They are up to no good. They just want to sell newspapers!

Coaches might quite easily become victims of the Media and will meet a Future that is…? Yes it is true, It the Good cannot handle the Bad they will meet the Ugly!

So how is the situation today? Coaches, especially job coaches, are under Media attack in Sweden. Some of the Media pressure Coaches have brought on themselves, not all acting professionally in relation to clients, companies and state agencies – but not all! Some of the Media pressure is created by the gutter press, using bad journalism, half truths and fake so called experts. Experts in other fields but acting as experts on coaching. Readers of newspapers have no chance of finding out what is really the truth in these matters.

So Coaches need to use the Media instead of being victimized by it. And Coaches need to become more professional, more alert and more equipped to handle real life as entrepreneurs. Coaches need to mean business and stop dreaming. The time of the hobby Coach is over – Welcome to the Business Coach! Killing Coaches’ naivety is a cruel thing and will be frustrating, but necessary to avoid an Ugly Future. If Coaches want the Gold, they need to start earning it! So look on the bright side, people – Don’t Grumble, give a whistle!