So What Do You Want from Life?

In this world we are led to believe that we always lack something and that we should always look for more and preferably buy it. We are told that we are less. We are told!

But shorten the sentence even more and you get: We are!
This is an interesting starting point for exploration. OK, so I am…..but what or who am I? Who am I when I am at my best? How does it feel? And what happens when I am under pressure? Who do I become? The same or am I a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde perhaps? Who am I when I only ask myself and forget all the things that my parents, teachers, peers and media are trying to confuse me with? What is the “Core Me”? And then – when I am standing there as the stripped down “Core Me” saying I Am!– and only then – I should ask myself- What do I want From Life?